Future Arsonists of America

Pop Punk - Indie - Metal

Now Hiring!


We are a new band based in Seattle, WA.
Our influences include : Dillinger Four, Dinosaur Jr., Foo Fighters, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Kerbdog and Superdrag

We also like effects pedals, metal and other nerdy guitar stuff

Our last project was the moderately successful weird synth punk band Wiscon



Keep time? Know some cool beats? Happily switch from half time to double time? Great.
Bonus marks for double-bass skills.

Bass player

Can you hold down four strings? Like the bands we mentioned above? Sweet.
Effects obsession prefered/encouraged/enabled.


Thank you for your interest.
This position has been filled.


Can you hit notes resonably well? That's pretty much what we need.
We may want you to play some dead simple synth lines too. You got this.

The following approaches to song writing are supported :
  • I've made a very precise demo in Garageband - please play this exactly.
  • I want to collaborate with the band on dumb riffs until we've turned them into a good song.
  • I don't want to write, I just want to play.

We practice a couple of times a week in Ballard and plan to play out about once a month. Ain't no one getting rich off this motherfucker.
It's going to be fucking cool though - join us

No racists, republicans, misogynists etc.


We've written some songs and are writing more.